Linode Clusters

Hi everyone. I thought I’d kick things off with a note on how to connect to a Linode cluster. You may have seen Akamai are rolling Linode out in a big way in 2023?

From - create new Kubernetes cluster in about 4 clicks. Something like this:

- and hit create cluster. A nano cluster with 1 node will cost $10/month. Perfect to get started with!

Once provisioned, download the yaml file from the screen

Now open a terminal window. Have you installed kubectl and helm?

Set the KUBECONFIG environment variable like this
export KUBECONFIG=./MyNewCluster-kubeconfig.yaml

Next steps are in OGC. Login, Go to Clusters and Create New Cluster.

Hit Create and then copy the helm command that gets generated. Paste it into your terminal window. Hit return … Wait a few minutes … Attaching … Installing … and BINGO - your cluster is now attached!

Time elapsed? 5 minutes

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